A giant spiky robot with a massive saw-blade on his hand, capable of transforming into a Saleen Mustang police car. Contained within his chest is a smaller robot named Frenzy, who is used to hack into things. Both robots are members of the evil faction of robots from the planet Cybertron called the Decepticons.
I wish Barricade was in Transformers 2.
by Kaymactimus March 28, 2011
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A word for someone who allows hot students to 'climb' all over them.
References Les Miserables by Victor Hugo.
Don't get it on with her, she's a barricade!
Ne pas passer à elle, elle est une barricade!
by GlasSword May 22, 2011
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To disable an entrance of it's main purpose
They barricaded the door
by RandomLoser123 January 12, 2021
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Kimberly hugged me today & almost broke my chest with her barricade.
by Kamen BTJ October 4, 2007
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When one is insanely good at Mario Kart and the only power ups they get are bananas and the little fake power up box things. They are then forced to just drop these items right after they get them forming a BARRICADE of bananas and fake power up things
MAN:I need to stop playing this game. Or at least stop playing on 50cc.

MAN 2:Dude, really stop all your doing is dropping barricades.

MAN 3:Holy CRAP, your barricade got me.

MAN:*sigh* Its an empty win
by sammypp February 19, 2009
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When at a party or group gathering, you get cock blocked by multiple people while talking to the same girl.

On a scale of 1-10, cock block is 1, Boner Barricade is 10.
Hot girl 1: All those guys are cock blocking Abbas
Hot girl 2: Yeah, they've formed a Boner Barricade
by I_Like_How_I June 10, 2012
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1. Noun. The conjoined effort of 2 or more persons to cock block a particular individual

2. Verb. Cock blocking with the assistance of another.
John was so about to get laid, but then that chick's friends set up the best fucking cock barricade I've ever seen.
by GrizzlyAdams78 December 4, 2009
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