A girl with a big or great back. (Booty)
by Gabe D. April 30, 2007
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A noun used when describing what you would bend a girl over on to plow her ass till it hurts
Dude I would bend Kim kardashian over a fat barrel.
Who would you rather bend over a barrel: Amber Rose or Summer Ray
by Crackhead #1 September 07, 2017
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1: A wooden container normally used to hold gallons of white people happy juice (AKA wine)

2: The part of a gun the bullet comes out of

3: A type of roll that is most easily done when behind the wheel of an Arwing (Rest in Peace Rick May)

4: To run at top speed with zero disregard for anyone or anything in front of you, and to have little concern for making contact with them

5: Pewdiepie's mortal enemies (back when Pewdiepie was fun to watch)
Fox: Enemies are straight ahead, what should we do!?
Peppy: Do a barrel roll!
by Metallicajunkie April 30, 2020
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Someone who has skinny limbs but a large, sloppy midrif that jumbles around when they walk. AKA keg on legs, it is a wonder as to how their skinny legs can keep that huge midrif up and about.
by Leggsy Aspect August 05, 2018
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