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Dirty, smelly or generally unkempt person. One who dodges soap.
"Get out of my cab you filthy soapdodger, you reek."
by Jenesis September 12, 2004
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Generally unclean or grubby person. One who avoids washing regularly. A person of questionable personal hygeine.
Festival Cop 1: See me when I twatted that soap dodger over the head?
Festival Cop 2: Yeah! I knobbled six of the scruffy fuckers today. Filthy fuckers...
Soap Dodger: That's harassment, maan. Babykiller!
Festival Cop 1: Right, you're fucking kneecapped.
by Kit Shicker February 22, 2003
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A slang term for people from england. During the early to mid 20th century the english were famous for only washing once a year. The english considered bathing to be bad for the health. Hence the expression that they were adept at dodging the soap.
Hide the cutlery Sheila, I smell a soap dodger approaching.
by rolfharris February 26, 2010
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Some sweaty unwashed scabby lookin fuck
look at that scruffy smelly fucker over there, stinks like a piss stained mattress.. Bet he's a SOAP DODGER, OH AYE!!
by Anonymous August 23, 2003
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one who is adept at avoiding bars of soap when thrown at them
Tim is an excellent soap dodger and stayed in the game while his teammates were pummeled with bars of soap. He must have learned his techniques from being a three-time MVP of the more traditional sport dodgeball.
by lever October 12, 2005
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generally found in council estates in large british cities,liverpool ,manchester,birmingham and in particular,the east end of glasgow.these "soapdodgers" follow the fortunes of glasgow celtic(see tims)and are well known to steal from they're own filthy kind.
"check out those filthy,schemie,jakey rat shagging,tim fucking soapdodgers.filthy cunts!"
by dave May 23, 2003
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