Dutch slang for €100. Or simply 100, as a number.
Aaii hoe veel kostte die patta's? Barkie-half (= €150)


Die man is niet helemaal barkie (hij is niet helemaal goed bij z'n hoofd)
by GeenPseudonym October 9, 2013
Rolled up bark from a tree that is smoked.
lets take a bit of bark from this tree and smoke it!....you mean barkys!!!
by snap_crackle_pop February 4, 2010
1. A women of extreme hotness characterized by ass, tits, and a face that are nothing shy of exceptional.
2. A term used clandestinely to describe a female that is spanky
Did you see that bitch, she was barky as hell.
by Noah Webster January 28, 2005
When someone rips a ferocious fart, causing nausea for all within 20-65 yards, depending on wind factors. Some barkies may cause burning of nasal hairs, staining of underwear, and suicidal thoughts.
The beach cleared out after she dropped an intense Barky.

She thought it was just a barky, but she pooped a little

Dude, that was the worst Barky I’ve ever smelt
by JoeyBologna April 11, 2018
A women that enjoys ingesting large quantities of semen from numerous partners in a single sexual encounter.
that girl was a real gargle barky
by sol harvey rosenberg July 29, 2009