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The finest of all Spiced Rum. It comes in half gallons for under $20. Plus its in a plastic bottle so you know its quality shit! Why spend more on the Captain when you can drink something way more trashy but tastes even better because its cheap! Hooray!
Johnny: "I always keep a spare half gallon of Barbarossa in my trunk for emergencies!"

by Logan C. September 13, 2006
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The reason why Germany lost he second world war.

Barbarossa was the name of the operation in 1941 where Germany attacked the soviet union. Their objective was to capture Moscow before winter which they failed at and froze to death... kinda
After operation barbarossa failed- Hitler in the bunker to his generals: "YOU NOOBZ!!!! YOU COULDN'T EVEN GET TO ZE CITI BEFORE DAS VINTER!!!"
by Roy Shein June 18, 2016
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