What you do with a buddy or a group of friends. Involves going from one bar to the next, possibly picking up women or getting into bar fights. Also can be a new experience from bar to bar. Bar Hopping tends to cause participants to become heavily intoxicated, though not always.
"Hey man, let's go bar hopping tonight!"
"Sorry dude, I still have a black eye from the bar fight last night."
"Well how about we pick up some girls?"
"Sure, let's go."
by deaddreadpunk April 3, 2010
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Periodically clicking on your favorite website links in your bookmarks toolbar. Almost always includes youtube.
I was so bored on the computer today I was bar hopping like crazy.
by KatieZ111 September 2, 2009
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to traverse from bar to bar and become progressively more intoxicated
"On his 21st birthday, John went bar hopping with Joe and was later admitted to the hospital to be treated for alcohol poisoning."
by Justin August 1, 2005
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Bar hopping, alternating between gay and straight bars.
Mike, James and I are going to go bisexual bar hopping in the West Village tonight.
by WordsAreWeapons March 3, 2012
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on the last sunday in October, the clocks get rolled back, so on the saturday night before an extra hour can be gained before bars legally have to close. Often coincides with halloween weekend, and the added time makes it one of the greatest nights of the year to go bar hopping, the reverse happens in the spring, so just go to house parties, and at least then it's not around a huge party holiday
'We got proper fucked last night, cause we got to do the daylight savings time bar hopping, nothing beats the extra hour'

'yeah but you'll pay for it in the spring when it gets reversed'

'the spring? i'll fucking pay for it tommorrow'

by Paul S.W. October 29, 2006
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What you do with friends when you go to a bar or club and you're under 18 or 21
Friend 1: Let's go to the club
Friend 2: I can't, I'm 17
Friend 1 &3: Let's go Bar Hopping it will be fun
Friend 2: OK, Let's go
by Ichaky September 1, 2022
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