to pass, move over, along or through
a bridge traverses the stream
by Naugua November 7, 2007
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To bypass or get around. Or to drink way to much and be late.
Bob:I'm going out tonight
Neal:but we have a meeting in the morning.

Bob:that's alright. I'm gonna pull a traverse.
by Angry Richard February 28, 2014
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To move, travel to/across, or move through
Traverse: A friend of mine is moving, she is traversing to another state.
by frootloopsaregr8 February 1, 2020
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Where ALL the indie/hipsters in Michigan live.
While walking down the street in Traverse City, you will pass multiple people with polaroid cameras, hula hoops on their shoulders, goodwill sweaters, TOMS, and they will be talking about music and tumblr. No joke.
by seventeenowls April 30, 2011
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A smaller town in Upper Northern Michigan lying right on the Grand Traverse Bay. Tourists are attracted here during the National Cherry Festival, which is during the cherry season in July each year for one week.Traverse City is a wonderful place to go to the beach, hang out and enjoy your life.
The cherries grown in Traverse City are absolutely delicious!
by RachaelO July 16, 2006
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During vaginal intercourse when one suddenly and surprisingly enters the back door and then returns to the front door. Most effective when she isn't really sure if it actually just happened.
Dude, I totally did the Eduardo's Traverse on that girl last night. She was like "what? did you just do? nah, couldn't have been".
by Rob Matton March 7, 2007
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Someone who disgraces themselves by travelling across an easier part of a trail making them less tough in the eyes of someone else.
That person is such traversing pussy for going that way!
by gizatron January 29, 2018
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