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first off, if it's on mtv it's NOT hip hop (50 cent isn't fucking hip hop), secondly if it's about lots of bling with my bitches riding on my twenty's capin some mofo it's NOT hip hop, thirdly if the song is only two lines repeating over and over it's NOT hip hop, fourth if the verse is all jumbled together and not enunciated it's NOT hip hop, the above mentioned criteria constitute rap.

Hip hop typically has a social message that not just about how fucking awesome I am and how hot my bitches are, enunciated lyrics, a more complex beat, and requires serious talent. If you want to listen to hip hop, you have to seek it out. It's not going to be on MTV or clear channel

And finally if you listen to both and can't discern a single thing and think I'm full of shit go listen to Umi Says by Mos Def (you can even find the lyrics on line), at least you'll understand the differing messages between hip hop and rap
I fucking hate it when people call rap and hip hop the same thing, they're not, go fucking educate yourself
by Paul S.W. November 04, 2006

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can be an orgy or just a shitload of sex between two people
My neighbors had a fuckfest last night, they went for over 6 hours
by Paul S.W. November 04, 2006

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on the last sunday in October, the clocks get rolled back, so on the saturday night before an extra hour can be gained before bars legally have to close. Often coincides with halloween weekend, and the added time makes it one of the greatest nights of the year to go bar hopping, the reverse happens in the spring, so just go to house parties, and at least then it's not around a huge party holiday
'We got proper fucked last night, cause we got to do the daylight savings time bar hopping, nothing beats the extra hour'

'yeah but you'll pay for it in the spring when it gets reversed'

'the spring? i'll fucking pay for it tommorrow'

by Paul S.W. October 29, 2006

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Most of America, especially the south, denoted by lack of bike lanes/sidewalks and a pleuthera of fast food shit holes, not so much in places where there are mountains, nice beaches, and walking cities (like New York)
every time i go to the land of morbid obesity I see my health insurance rates skyrocketing
by Paul S.W. November 16, 2006

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when another driver changes lanes at high speed and barely fits between the car in front and behind. if there's more than 18 inches of total space it doesn't qualify. These people are the cause of lots or wrecks and recipents of lots of profanity and obscene gestures.
the fucking idiot pulled a nascar lane change and caused a 10 car pile up
by Paul S.W. November 17, 2006

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a really stupid action typically at work/with coworkers or picked up by the press that cause you to lose your job and possibly career
Kramer's racist rant is a career ender.

Getting drunk and calling you boss a fag, also a career ender
by Paul S.W. November 20, 2006

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when all parties involved go at it long and hard, and get covered in their and other(s) sweat, bodies then proceed to slide easily across one another
we need to go take a shower that was one sweaty fuck

Can we do it in the shower?

by Paul S.W. November 04, 2006

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