A shorter and more eclectic, all encompassing version of 'banter', which can be applied to almost any situation, meaning a period of recognised fun/good times.
-Lets go play some croquet for some top bants
-Oooh! Great bants!
-I'll give those bants about a 6 out of 7!
-This gossip makes for a lovely bit of bants!
-I'm so bored, can anyone think of some bants?
-Well those bants are crap
-Now that's the kind of bants I invest in!
-I'm suffering from bants withdrawal symptoms
-There's usually no bants involved in funerals, but we'll go anyway.
-Uh oh, bad bants!
by lame_enc July 22, 2009
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Jim: Yo Bro Are you seriously going out with that girl
Jack: Nah bro just for bants
by Fredey kruger March 04, 2016
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Bants is the name for comfortable leisure pants, sweat pants or pj bottoms.
I changed out of my jeans and into my bants as soon as I got home from work.
by The Schwartz is with me May 03, 2010
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Shortening of the word Banter derived from a joking or piss-taking conversation that "Bant"'s from one person to the other.
LoughboroughUni is famous for it's Bant and it's winning ways. Chin up Warwick.
by Jimmy Riddle November 12, 2003
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A word used to describe past banter.
Guy 1: Did you butt fuck that girl Alisha in the crack den?
Guy 2: Bro, we banted about this yesterday
Guy 1: Oh sweet
by bettylandretty April 26, 2017
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