Abbreviation of banter.
A term used to justify hilarious yet completely inappropriate and unacceptably abusive behaviour between friends, usually males.
Typically used by British people, specifically the upper classes and teenagers.
Boy 1: ...he was completely out of it by midnight!
Boy 2: Oh, did you make sure he got home safely?
Boy 1: No, we stripped him naked, drew a massive dick on his back, shaved his pubes and left him in a cardboard box outside the police station, smiling and whistling the national anthem to himself.
Boy 2: Bants!!

Eton headmaster: You were representing our school on that debating trip chaps. We expected you to reflect its prestigious reputation as one of the most elite institutions in the country. Instead you trashed the hotel room, defaced the opposing school's minibus and were caught staggering around town in stolen tuxedos and party hats at 2am carrying a sheep. How on earth can you justify this?
Lad: It was mere bants sir.
Headmaster: Bants... as in banter? Very well then lads, off you go.
by LivingLifeMyWay February 5, 2012
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A shorter and more eclectic, all encompassing version of 'banter', which can be applied to almost any situation, meaning a period of recognised fun/good times.
-Lets go play some croquet for some top bants
-Oooh! Great bants!
-I'll give those bants about a 6 out of 7!
-This gossip makes for a lovely bit of bants!
-I'm so bored, can anyone think of some bants?
-Well those bants are crap
-Now that's the kind of bants I invest in!
-I'm suffering from bants withdrawal symptoms
-There's usually no bants involved in funerals, but we'll go anyway.
-Uh oh, bad bants!
by lame_enc July 22, 2009
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Jim: Yo Bro Are you seriously going out with that girl
Jack: Nah bro just for bants
by Fredey kruger March 4, 2016
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Bants is the name for comfortable leisure pants, sweat pants or pj bottoms.
I changed out of my jeans and into my bants as soon as I got home from work.
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Shortening of the word Banter derived from a joking or piss-taking conversation that "Bant"'s from one person to the other.
LoughboroughUni is famous for it's Bant and it's winning ways. Chin up Warwick.
by Jimmy Riddle November 12, 2003
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A school full of bitchez, fuggers, and everything in between.
"Dude, yesterday i saw bitchez, fuggers and everything in between."
"Shit son, you must have been at Banting. Fugger."
"See ya later."
by Andy Mac January 19, 2007
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Shortened from Banter, meaning for something to be highly enjoyable.
Spoken commonly in the South Eastern part of the Republic of Ireland.
"Jaysus, that session was great bant."
by Michael Ronan April 26, 2009
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