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by January 30, 2017
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1) Oft used to reassure someone that things could be worse

2) Sometimes used as a mocking, smug phrase to annoy someone
"I notice that Liverpool lost tonight - chin up, Paul"
by WillTurner1984 February 11, 2010
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A quick upward jerk of the head. An action that many teenage guys use as a greeting when they are too cool to say hello.
As Mary was walking down the hallway and saw her crush, she waved tentatively at him. He responded by giving her the chin-up
by CelticFox March 06, 2010
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Chin up is a phrase said to someone who has a desperately bad stroke of luck.

The phrase originated from when lanky blond people teased slighty retarded dark haired people for getting the answer to things wrong.
"I lost my phone! What the n*g*a am I gonna do?"

"Just keep that chin up!"
by Hey...hey, Chadwick, chin up! November 02, 2009
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Originated from the motion of sliding the back of your hand up your throat and doing a nice little flick at the end of the whole motion. Also known as fuck you.
Man: "Hey baby, wanna come over my house and bang?"
Woman: "Chin up!"
by Transcendent November 09, 2004
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When a person farts while receiving oral sex, it's called a chin-up.

The word actually comes from the reaction of the person giving the oral sex at the moment of the fart; the first thing most everyone does is lift their chin up to look at the foul person with disgust. This is usually followed by a break-up or the disgusted person leaving in a hurry.
"What's wrong, Jimmy?"
"I had to break up with Christina last night."
"Why did you break up with her? I thought things were going so well."
"The wretched woman gave me a damn chin-up last night when I was going down on her."
"Can't say I blame ya, Jimbo ..... keep your chin up though.... there are plenty of fish in the sea!"
"Not funny man .... not at all."
by Jimmy_Buckets December 28, 2016
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