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Usually found in the UK, but it's when a group of people (squad) cracks a funny joke in class or out in the streets.
Person 1 "Have u seen that funny vine?"

Person 2 "Yeah it's so funny haha"

Person 1 "So much banta"
by Jason15300 October 20, 2015
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You can tell by the way she walks, she got that WAP.

You can look at her face and tell she ain't got that WAP.
by Black Don August 06, 2020
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Used mostly in the UK as an excuse for an offensive joke to sound not as bad.
Bully: Oi'! You know Toby? I banged his mum last night!
Toby: You're not allowed to say that. I'm telling!
Bully: Chill bruv', it's just a bit of banta!
by fatboyswag69 February 19, 2019
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An informal, conversation/discussion involving two or more people. Heard in most areas around the UK
I stayed for a bit longer than I intended, because me and John had a banta
by Bido January 28, 2006
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a loud deep growl of a cars intake sucking.
when a honda civic hits vtec

by svteezy August 29, 2006
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Faggot, homosexual, queer, peter- puffer, dick smoocher...
The guy with the boyfriend is a banta.
by creditcardswiper November 06, 2010
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