Used mostly in the UK as an excuse for an offensive joke to sound not as bad.
Bully: Oi'! You know Toby? I banged his mum last night!
Toby: You're not allowed to say that. I'm telling!
Bully: Chill bruv', it's just a bit of banta!
by fatboyswag69 February 19, 2019
Usually found in the UK, but it's when a group of people (squad) cracks a funny joke in class or out in the streets.
Person 1 "Have u seen that funny vine?"

Person 2 "Yeah it's so funny haha"

Person 1 "So much banta"
by Jason15300 September 4, 2015
An informal, conversation/discussion involving two or more people. Heard in most areas around the UK
I stayed for a bit longer than I intended, because me and John had a banta
by Bido January 28, 2006
Faggot, homosexual, queer, peter- puffer, dick smoocher...
by creditcardswiper November 6, 2010
A sucker of penis very old and wrinkly has a penis the size of a green bean a rapesed
Banta is very horny for wemen
by Lol bronco love coboys suck November 17, 2016
What you reply with when people are worrying about an argument. When the insults are still light and the jabs aren't that personal , its "just banta".
Person "Is there a fight going on ? It looks serious !"
You "Its just banta mate "
by LHayezz August 15, 2015
The place where willimina trashy lives, and the red and pink genius club exsists. They occupants often use the bitch vowels to discribe hilary and her fat dance.
The banta centre is written on eva's mug.
by Marcia August 29, 2003