Used mostly in the UK as an excuse for an offensive joke to sound not as bad.
Bully: Oi'! You know Toby? I banged his mum last night!
Toby: You're not allowed to say that. I'm telling!
Bully: Chill bruv', it's just a bit of banta!
by fatboyswag69 February 19, 2019
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Usually found in the UK, but it's when a group of people (squad) cracks a funny joke in class or out in the streets.
Person 1 "Have u seen that funny vine?"

Person 2 "Yeah it's so funny haha"

Person 1 "So much banta"
by Jason15300 September 04, 2015
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An informal, conversation/discussion involving two or more people. Heard in most areas around the UK
I stayed for a bit longer than I intended, because me and John had a banta
by Bido January 28, 2006
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Faggot, homosexual, queer, peter- puffer, dick smoocher...
The guy with the boyfriend is a banta.
by creditcardswiper November 06, 2010
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Bum Ass Nigger Touchin Asses. (B.A.N.T.A)

the term "stranger danger" actually originated from a BANTA as a matter of fact.
As in "Stay away from B.A.N.T.A.'s" (Banta)
by thegirlwhocriedbantard December 16, 2010
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A sucker of penis very old and wrinkly has a penis the size of a green bean a rapesed
Banta is very horny for wemen
by Lol bronco love coboys suck November 17, 2016
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What you reply with when people are worrying about an argument. When the insults are still light and the jabs aren't that personal , its "just banta".
Person "Is there a fight going on ? It looks serious !"
You "Its just banta mate "
by LHayezz August 15, 2015
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