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An informal, conversation/discussion involving two or more people. Heard in most areas around the UK
I stayed for a bit longer than I intended, because me and John had a banta
by Bido January 28, 2006
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A Lairy Bastard. Usually heard around London
You cockney shister
by Bido June 01, 2004
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A pairing of two words, Insane and Crazy.

This conjunction is used to define an extra specially Insane/Crazy moment or object.

Made famous by Tim Westwood in 2005 on the UK version of Pimp My Ride.

The term may also be heard in the slighty different variation of Crazy Insane, but both versions mean the same thing.
Me: Hey! look at those wheels!..
John: Man that is insane crazy!
by Bido April 28, 2006
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Used sometimes in conversations to point out something/someone good looking.
John: Hey, look at Jenny today...
Me: Wuff!
by Bido February 02, 2006
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