1. Receiving head (Having a girl suck your dick)
1. “Yo I need a bad bitch to gimme banister bro”

2. “Yo shawty got big banister son”
by Gangcorp January 6, 2018
Describing something as mediocre.
Personally I think potatoes are pretty banister.
by buzzingwingz November 20, 2020
*(n) Is when someone or something is off the edge

*(adj) looking edgey or awesome

*Having a unique look

*Looking bad ass
Girl 1: Your outfit is so banister ,where did you get it from.
Girl 2 : Thanks
your so banister
by Kristy F. January 24, 2011
A girl who thinks shes hot and can get any guy she wants, posts pictures of herself wearing barely anything on facebook, extreme butterface, but she does have a nice body, most likely has herpes, and the only reason anyone stands up for her is because there tryna get it in
This girl is such a Tiffany Bannister thinking shes hot shit.

"'Tiff' Banister is pretty shallow.
by Truth Hurts Don't it July 29, 2012
1. Masturbating
2. A boring house chore
(1) I caught a beaver polishing the banister last night.
(2) My mom made me polish the banister.
by Izaak June 26, 2008
When a girl saddles her beef curtains around a schlong and slides from tip to ball sac, then back again before meat handling the head and taking the high hard one all the way home.
She always takes her time when she's snailing the banister.
by Antenna Wilde February 19, 2008