Bands a make her dance -Juicy J
by ryanvitos September 11, 2012
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$1000.00 U.S. Currency.
Bands=$1000.00 x A (A= number of bands)
Whip cost Bands, Clothes cause Bands...

Dawg i went to the mall and dropped 2 bands out dat hoe...
by Marky McFly December 17, 2008
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Referring to the rubber bands used to hold wads of cash; $1000 to be exact.

so "bands" are $1000 wads
cash makes her dance Juicy J, not the bands
by MrCr December 21, 2012
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Large amounts of money seperated by $1,000 in cash. Typically 10-Hundred dollar bills, 50-Twenty dollar bills, 100-Ten dollar bills, or 200-Five dollar bills.

This term was created by Baton Rouge rapper Ray Vicks who coined the term in his mixtape 36 O's Later (track 4).
by Paperboy P March 29, 2010
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A thousand dollar stack of $100 bills.
Bands is referring to the rubber band often holding the stack together.

Sometimes people can over exaggerate with this term as well.
Yo this car costs 100 bands!!!
by honextly December 12, 2022
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A way to say "money" as stack of 100 dollar bills is held together using a band. Often used in the streets, the bay, or the hood. "A hundred bands" if often referenced by rappers, meaning $10,000.
Yuh yuh yuh I gotta hunnid bands in ma' cah

Dayum bro look at all deez bands yuh yuh
by Rousate June 24, 2021
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"Band for band" references showing off your money in bands, i.e. $1000 denominations. Term used by degenerate Dollhouse players who stay on Discord and ROBLOX all day, whilst simultaneously not having shit to their name. If you use this definition unironically you're most likely broke as fuck to begin with.

TL;DR term used by broke boys trying to talk shit.
somewhatnormalguy100: "yo, you know it isn't cool to act like a piece of shit towards random people just playing games, right?"

soundcloud_minor_groomer: "neva asked for yo opinion 😹😹😹 drop the dizzy right now real talk, count up band for band."

*soundcloud_minor_groomer, not having any money whatsoever, later on proceeds to ask his discord friends for nitro*
by fmda August 28, 2022
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