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Also known as Double-B, DabDab, Dab Master, Dab King, Prince of Thailand, Glo-Up-Too-Strong, Meme Master, second mankae. BamBam is a famous korean-pop idol who is signed with JYP Entertainment. BamBam is one fo the rappers in a group called GOT7, also known as Visual7, Extra7, Talent7, Savage7. BamBam was born in Thailand, obviously making him Thai. The boy went to Korea and trained for nearly 4 years. Originally he was not supposed to debut with GOT7, but YG entertainment saved BamBam with one compliment. BamBam was born in 1997 on May 2nd. He also has a better fashion sense than anyone. Legs are longer than his torso. Also, loves moose.
"Wow, he's really good at dabbing."

"Of course he is, that's BamBam,"
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by uhhadrian June 03, 2017
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The cutest member of Got7 with his long sexy legs. Fashionista. Ayego on point. A meme. Drop dead sexy.
Damn Bambam is killing me again.
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by Mamioppa June 03, 2017
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a.k.a kunpimook. a cute and handsome young man who always like to dab every morning when he wakes up.he is also a very friendly person and always likes to reply to igot7's comments on instagram
i wish i had a friend like bambam
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by bambam02 June 23, 2017
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Nickname given to a fortunate individual by a group of friends, Used only to describe unique personality traits. In turn using an onomatopoeia to title someone worthy of it. Rad person with an urdge to rave til they drop.
WOW Bam Bam! Your personality slaps me in the face like BAM BAM!
by 808-303-808 July 21, 2010
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1: the kid with white hair from the flintstones
2: a dj named dj bam bam
this is not a slangterm!
by AppKid November 05, 2006
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Another word for a fat blunt to smoke weed. Originated from the classic flinstones cartoon, Bam Bam Carried a big piece of wood that resembles a FAT blunt
yeo last night we smoked a BAM-BAM and got mad booooted

"Yeo this blunt is a BAM-BAM"
by caseo March 19, 2007
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