1. A Hanna Barbera cartoon that ran from 1960 to 1966 that portrays life during the stone age.
2. Vitamins that are tasty and designed for children, but many adults take them too. They are chewable and have mixed reviews, some love them and some hate them.
-I was watching Flintstones reruns all day long.
-I'm a vegetarian so I take filntones vitamins every morning. Yum! The orange ones are the best!
by LizzieVdK April 20, 2006
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To use your feet to move your car when in neutral.
I was too drunk to drive my car so I ended up sticking my feet out of the door and flintstoning it home. You can't get a DUI if the keys aren't in the ignition.
by ketochlor October 20, 2007
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the act of moving your OFFICE CHAIR with your feet without getting out of it.
Eva: I'm too close to the door, can you flintstone over please?

Tashina: Sure thing and while I'm flintstoning, I can pick up the pen you dropped
by ronsonic October 17, 2007
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Flintstoning means having humans do the work first. Only automate if it's worth automating.
You’re a web coder for a bank whose promotion this month is a free toaster to everyone who deposits $10,000 to open a new account. The bank realizes that toaster manufacture and delivery is not their core competency, so they outsouce the task the lowest-bidding toaster fufillment processing agency. Your job is to write the code to get toasters to web customers. You have two options:

1) Spend painful hours attempting to reconcile the inconsistencies between the toaster pimp’s documentation and their Java-powered full-stack WSDL automated toaster delivery processing gateway until XML angle brackets gouge your eyes out.
2) Just flintstone it.

Because you’re smart enough to always, always, always be loved by the administrative assistants (it’s totally worth spending a few hours of playing “why can’t XP see the laser printer”) you know that Donald the junior assistant is the one giving toasters to customers who walk in off the street with briefcases full of money. You strike a deal with Donald: if he’ll send out a few toasters for you, you’ll drop by for dinner with your famous key lime pie and set up that wifi router that’s been sitting in its box for the last three weeks.

You write a ten-line shell script to mail Donald with the names and addresses of new, untoastered customers and put it on a cron job to fire off every few hours. Then you put “Turn off toaster promotion” on your calendar for the last day of the month and tell your boss you’re implemented near-real-time toaster deployment and get back to working on instrusion detection.

flintstoning: it’s the practice of substituting a little human work for functionality until there’s enough demand for the feature that it’s worth the coder's time to implement.
by Harkins August 29, 2006
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The style used when brakes and/or pedals are useless on a bicycle.

Using your feet to stop or move your bike.
Biker 1: Hurry up man! The cops are gonna be here soon!
Biker 2: AH FUCK! My brake line is cut, and my gears are jammed!
Biker 1: You better be flintstoning it!
by Benormous October 22, 2005
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The act of crushing up flintstones chewables and snorting them like a drug. Many have died due to this new fad which was originated in Japan.
Tommy was getting flintstoned off his little sister's flinstone vitamins.
by minimike January 25, 2010
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The feet of someone who has "cankles" or has chubby feet.
Hey girl- you get your flintstones off of the couch!
by Habbie October 20, 2007
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