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adjective. Stems from noun: Balsam, a resinous substance, such as balm.

Denotes soothing, nurturing, encapsulating, fluidity.
"They have such a balsamic marriage"
the way you love me is so balsamic"
by fannyburger August 21, 2016
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A delicious salad dressing brought to you by Cardini and company. Cardini's Balsamic is good for the whole family. Cardini has been known to shoot this delicious dressing all over the salads of many females.

Also known as the species scantily clad women belong to.
PASS ME SOME OF THAT BALSAMIC! It's so good i can't resist using my hands!

OOH! That Balsamic sure is spicy.

I can down a whole load of Balsamic!

Ohh Betty? Yeah i took her out last night; what a real Balsamic she is in the sack.

Those damn Balsamicians are all over my neighborhood; I have to tape my bunghole shut at night.
by jagovasaur23 February 20, 2006
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