An adult who cheerfully socializes without alcohol in the presence of others who are drinking or where alcohol is traditionally served.
"Hey dude, let's go out and get stupid crunked" "Nah, man, I'm going non-alcoholic tonight."
by 0proof February 09, 2020
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Usually used when someone who is drinking a nonalcoholic beer is too drunk to walk and drive
Jerry: duuudeZ, Im s00ooo drunk broz!11Q1 Wh0s the desugnat3d driver ton1ght, cuz im wheyyyy to trashed

John: But jerry...Its nonalcoholic beer

Matt: He must be a Non alcoholic drunk.
by Cody Baggs is here October 14, 2007
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Beer that is non-alcoholic.

Usually contains less than 0.5% abv. (alcohol by volume)
"I drink non-alcoholic beer because I'm allergic to alcohol."
by Non-Alcoholic Duff Man September 29, 2009
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A non-alcoholic hangover happens when someone has not eaten all day or has very foolishly consumed a large cup of coffee then taking a standard dose of dayquil, resulting in a headache that resembles a hangover.
John Doe: I have such a throbbing headache.

Jane Doe: Why?

John: I have a terrible cold and I took some medicine after I had my morning cup of coffee.

Jane: You have a non-alcoholic hangover.

John: Sure feels like one.
by thelonesith December 16, 2009
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When you feel like crap, have a headache, and basically all other hangover "symptoms" without drinking

Paying the price of getting wasted, without drinking alcohol

Getting wasted, without getting wasted, and then having a hangover- because you partied that hard;
Girl: I have such a bad headache, and I feel totally dead. Partied hard last night.

Friend: drank a lot huh?

Girl: No...I'm having a non-alcoholic's pretty ugly.

"I woke up this morning with a non-alcoholic hangover...and my mom thought I had drank last night. So I'm grounded. Guess I can't be the designated driver man"
by TAY000 January 13, 2012
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