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1: a pathetic loser

2: a lazy sloth of a person

3: In the workplace, one who doesn't carry his/her own weight,making others pick up their slack.
Mark " Carl banged in sick today because he knew we would be busy"

David " Carl's a fucking ballwash"

Mark " Carl's a douchebagging ballwash, piss on him"
by stealyourface September 14, 2010
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a phenomenon that happens to males while pooping on an oversensitive auto flush toilet.
Steve: I was taking a dump at Home Depot, reached down to answer my phone, it triggered the autoflush and it drenched my sack.

Jeremy: Dude, sounds like you got a ballwash.
by turnyourface July 20, 2010
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when you take such a massive shit it splashes in the water so hard it gets piss water all over your nuts.
"that shit was so huge i got a free ball wash"
by jr December 11, 2004
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When a girl or guy lies with their head off the side of a bed/sofa. While erect you drop your scrotum into their mouth and they lather them up and then "motorboat" your testicles.
How was your night, oh it was great, got a bj and a ball wash.
by Redden May 06, 2011
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as if. a load of crap. ain't gonna happen. who you trying to fool?
phil was asked to dj till 4am. well thats just ballwash.
by trixie g. February 14, 2005
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To kiss some ones ass, kind of like brown nosing... But specifically for men jocking another mans style or things he knows or things he has.
Tony is a major ball washer, all he does is brag to friends about my cars, my house and all the chics i have.
by Freddy Ortiz July 23, 2008
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-to attend to the needs of key leaders and/or high ranking individuals.
"Hey Sergeant Blue, the commander is having trouble with some checkpoints so we need to go out and ball wash for awhile"
by Shootin' moose February 19, 2010
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