noun;(spoo-mont) To dance while pretending to masterbate and throw make believe cum on a close fellow dancer. (as your hand makes a jerking move followed by an opening of the hand as to let it go)
Brady said he's gonna spumante Rebecca tonight during the big weddings dance number.

Howard spumanted George on the dancefloor during the hustle.
by chaz kopchak May 1, 2011
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A less discriminating noun to be used in place of faggot or retard. The adjective is spumante.
That kid is such a spumant.
by Jbucci February 2, 2005
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Politically correct adjectival version of profanities directed derogatorily at specific racial groups, mental/physically-handicapped persons, or homosexuals.
Bad: She is so retarded!
Good: She is so spumante!
by Freakona February 2, 2005
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Italian slang for persons rear end, behind, or butthole
If anybody messes with the Falcone family they'll get it up the Asti Spumante (must be spoken using your best Robert De Niro voice
by Dizzy Asian January 15, 2015
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We had mind-blowing sex, and as she came I could feel her spumante spray my thigh and drip from my knee down on the sheets, creating a small heart-shaped stain as a sign of our love.
by Svecosand January 24, 2017
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