A brewer- an afro supporting sword loving beast, with an obsessive habit for playing on the xbox and pc. The brewer is a mainly loveable creature. however if crossed the brewer can turn into a vile predator that chases you round the whole field until you say sorry.
*you'll not survive a run in with a brewer... until you say sorry*
by dale_the_mexican May 9, 2007
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a guy who gets drunk and party's naked, or a guy who likes to rock out with his cock out
did you see that crazy brewer last night? or did you here about brewer at the party
by classified wilson July 6, 2006
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An unexpected and uncontrollable fluctuation in your vocal pitch and tone. Often occurs midword (especially during puberty.) In rare circumstances, the condition can recur in later life causing amusement and embarrassment.
"hello, how are you? My name is *BREWer*"
"Oh, don't worry, you just brewered"
by Sergent Brewer April 15, 2010
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1. To fall short or be unsatisfying

2. To be ignorant of the needs of others

3. To be negatively affected by someone else's lack of intelligence
1. Janet Napolitano went to DC and left Arizona brewered.

2. So the Governor and Republic leadership in the state legislature finally started working together--complete decimation--education and health care just got sooo brewered.

3. That sex left me feeling so brewered that i had to masturbate after.
by bigstrongboy June 26, 2009
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A person who makes booze
did you get the homebrew from that brewer?
by jim_666 September 17, 2010
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BREWERING ( Bru- er -ing) 1)noun - To elevate one's level of coolness to a point where almost everyone around you is envious of your rugged good looks, Adonis-like physique and ability to trick any 1st year university student to believe you are 24.

2)verb - 'to be BREWERED'( bru - erd ) - To reek the benefits during the presence of ones company and hanging on the coat tails of greatness to the point where you might gain attention or notoriety by simply being in the same room as said, Brewer.
A classic example of 'Brewering' is Justin Timberlake.

Andy Samberg has been 'Brewered' by Mr. J.T. multiple times over the last number of years See 'Mother Lovers' and so was all other members of N'Sync before that.
by Unknown Scribe February 12, 2010
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