Somedy who plays Call of Duty and takes it way to seriously.

Somebody who thinks that they are the announcer and repeat everything he says.
"Wow, I played some Search and Destroy last night with this 3rd Prestige, He's such a Balky."
by YoyoPrankster May 12, 2010
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Giving yourself the Perfect Stranger. Either numbing both hands or going to the next level with a topical anesthetic while performing masturbation.
While the dentist was away to jacked his topical cream so I could give myself a Balki later that night.
by G_code April 01, 2010
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She is loving and has a kindness of queen.. Balkis has mad bunda and really trustworthy.. don't be a sj and ask for gas money from her because you will cross her wrong path.. She got a banging body
Balkis has BUNDA!!!
by 7twgsg2vbd August 26, 2021
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The perfect stranger, ignorance is his virtue, acts all rough and tough but is actually a caring guy deep down
by Kachhan August 19, 2021
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in general we consider this to be a frat boys penis
Dude, I went to the frat last night, and there was mad balki cock around trying to get all up in my grill.
by shubalkicocklover January 29, 2005
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