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Of or relating to the Balkan Peninsula or the Balkan Mountains.
by Cool Guy June 04, 2003
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The Balkans is another way to describe southeast Europe. The region has a combined area of 728,000 kmĀ² and a population of around 53 million.The region's name comes from the Balkan mountains which run through the centre of Bulgaria into eastern Serbia.

The region's principal nationalities in the balkans are:
Greeks 11.5 million
Turks 9.2 million (European part of Turkey, Istanbul)
Serbs and Montenegrins 8.9 million
Bulgarians 7 million
Albanians 6 million (2 million of them living in Kosovo, Serbia)
Croats 4.5 million
Bosnians 2.4 million
Macedonians 1.4 million
by Dragan October 07, 2005
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Having awful control of motor skills. Also, to be very smart but not interact with other people. If you are called a Balkan you are being called unathletic, and a fuckin homosexual jew bagel.
DickCheese- Your a fucking Balkan I hate you.
DickCheese Jr.- Thanks, But your the one who has a small dick and doesn't even sport it.
by C_Grizzly September 12, 2007
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