1. To bounce.
2. To ditch or pull-out of something.
3. What you pay when you are temporarily released from 'holding', pending trial.
1. "Yo, I'm bailing on this muh-fucka. This party is shit."
2. "I'm gunna have to bail on that mission I said we would do."
3. "I can't get involved in another murder!?! I'm out on bail fool."
by Diego September 04, 2003
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To leave an uncomfortable place or situation, usually because someone is causing drama, bullshit or is just being annoying. Often used when someone is being frustrating enough to warrant a departure, but quite enough to justify an ass-kicking.
Guy #1: My girl is sweet, I love her so much, like... when we're together, it's perfect!

Guy #2: Dude, if you're just gonna mouth on about your feelings, I'm gonna bail. Fuck that. I don't want to hear that shit.
by zombiebrainer September 15, 2011
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Bekett’s Face
Search up bail on urban dictionary and scroll down to see Bekket’s face”
by danceacademylover101 October 14, 2017
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A (very) slightly more discreet way of saying (weighing) scales, usually electronic, amongst the drug dealing community.
"Oi don't forget to bring the bails with you when you pop round to get that boom ting"
by GDM September 20, 2007
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To leave or ditch (a place or person), usually implying that you leave someone else to get screwed or to be alone (or in trouble). It often is used to describe a revoke of a pledge to do something or be somewhere.
- Where did Jason go?
- I don't know, man! We got busted, and he totally bailed and left us alone to get screwed!

- Man, John is such a dick! He was going to lend me a $50 and meet us at the club, but he bailed and completely bitched out!
by Mechanic1d March 17, 2014
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to attempt to execute a skateboard trick, but giving up halfway through and not landing on your skateboard
Rob: "Did you hit the switch feeble down the ten stair"
Jim: "No, I had to bail and I racked myself on the rail"
by Rockne Roll November 14, 2003
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When the police (or courts) release you on the condition that you adhere to a set of strict rules e.g Don't leave the country, don't do whatever you did in the 1st place again etc, and also that you appear to answer your bail at a location selected by the police/courts i.e your nearest police station

Failure to do so, or "to breach your bail" would result in a warrant been issued for your arrest
Scott - "Shit, I gotta go man. My bail coditions say I'm not allowed to be any where near you an the police are over there"

Dan - "You best get the fuck out of here then mate"
by Dr Do-Not-Alot April 08, 2010
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