Joe bagpiped a french woman and had armpit hair stuck to his penis.
by JL August 22, 2003
Favorite sexual activity of many students at BYU as a way to skirt the Honor Code, which forbids sex.
Mike believes the allergic reaction on his penis was from Valerie's deodorant that must have got on there while he was bagpiping her Friday night.
by pan__cakes September 8, 2016
The act of playing the scottich instrument called a bagpipe
Tour guide:"What you see here, is a man dressed in the scottish national suit, bagpiping."
by BagPipeLover69 September 28, 2016
A specialist kind of blowjob where the woman blows the tip whilst squeezing the sack of her lover which in turn causes the man to moan with pleasure and wail in pain
"He forced me to go balls deep so I started Bagpiping him"
by Cairy Hunt May 20, 2013
A sexual act in which the woman holds the man upside down. The man wraps himself under the woman's arm and the woman proceeds to felate the man, playing him like bagpipes.
"Oh shit did you hear John did some bagpiping with some scottish chick?"
by Cindres November 12, 2009
The male version of titty-fucking. When one man wraps his scrotum and testicles around another mans penis, and engages in intercourse thusly.
When you rub your penis between another man's testicles, it is called 'bagpiping' !
by Axemonkey April 16, 2010