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Adj-To begin a group project that is supposed to be a cakewalk, then half of the group doesn't do anything useful, making the supposed cakewalk into an all out war of group project finishing with no help. In the process much time and possibly money will be wasted.
John: "this project is going to be easy as tits!"
Ramon: "I know! We have two smart girls that will do all the work"

the day before its due

John: "What the FUCK happened to this project being easy?
Those tit-chested little shits didn't do anything!"
Ramon: "yeah, we totally got fucking baghdaded"
by Ramon Totsky December 17, 2009
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A verb. A sexual act that originated in the west Texas area. Most commonly performed on older and slightly overweight women, preferably milfs. The act of a man using a woman's fatty stomach ripples to achieve sexual orgasm. Similair to using a woman's breast for it.
by Danny_G March 25, 2005
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