somthing that is incredibly crap
shit, this music channels a bag of wank,turn it over!
by hols January 12, 2004
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1. An Insult e.g Your a bag of wank

2. Something very crap e.g My computer is a bag of wank

3. A bag that jumps down the street in a jerking motion (The original term came from when people watched bags blowing down the streets when they were bored they used to say "This is wank" shortly followed by "Well thats a bag of wank" at that point the person saying the phrase would then point at the bag.
What a bag of wank or this coffee tastes like a bag of wank
by Liquidhalo231 December 29, 2010
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Someone/something who is a complete wanker, irritating little tosspot or just generally annoys you.
"John your a complete bag of wank son"
by Armadillo_Mania August 22, 2006
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Receptacle, usually cheap, containing the spermatozoic issue from onanistic activity. Occasionally the cause of unwanted pregnancy in female garbage collectors who are exposed to its contents and then slip their contaminated fingers into their genital areas.
Quick - let me get rid of my bag of wank before the wife sees it. And hide that fucking magazine as well.
by Lord Jackson of Dribblespunk January 25, 2004
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something that is completely rubbish or a waste of time or both
when describing something thatis a wast of time
"that film was a bag o' wank"

"school is a bag o' wank"
sometimes o' is pronounced of
by duncan ainsworth December 4, 2008
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When a girl who’s got bags under her eyes, wraps her bags around your cock and then wanks you off.

Pretty self explanatory Teddy
I’m gonna give him a bags wank tonight, a nice surprise.”
by K-nicks October 21, 2019
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