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Cheese that is so mouldy the stench would literally kill you
Guy one: "Fuck that cheese reeks"
Guy two: "Yeah its death cheese in a packet!!"
by Armadillo_Mania August 22, 2006

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Chav Cental of Norfolk, with regular beatings and stabbings. It is common to see an area taped off with blood on the walls.
Has the most useless shops ever, the majority of them being charity shops or coffee shops. The only decent thing about it is LanForce and thats being invaded by the chavs (70:2 ratio).
The cinima opens once a week - to show one film and their ritual of the christmas tree festival is now so dull, teenagers are thinking of torching the church.
The College is useless - your treated like a 4 year old, and the only decent thing there is a bloke who goes round in a mini trying to run over chavs and playing skittles as the old women cross the road.
"Went to Nham today. Waste of time"

"Could have told you that"


"o0o0o skittles! *baaaaaaaaaaarp*"
by Armadillo_Mania December 01, 2006

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People who want to conform to the sterotype of emo's but slashing their wrists. Real emos do not self harm.
Oh forlorn. I broke a nail *slash slash slash*
Oh my god I couldnt find the exact weight of cheese I wanted to buy *slash slash slash*
"I'm such a wannabemos"
by Armadillo_Mania August 21, 2006

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Someone/something who is a complete wanker, irritating little tosspot or just generally annoys you.
"John your a complete bag of wank son"
by Armadillo_Mania August 22, 2006

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