Getting loud, going off on someone, being argumentative. Someone who is always blowing down can be referred to as Blow Down Betty or Blow Down Brian
Who are you blowing down on? I know you aren't trying to blow down on me.
by La estrella chica ;) March 21, 2011
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smoking weed. getting high.

blow/blowing/blew down
hey man, you gotta paper? we're gonna blow down.
by 4llison December 22, 2004
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person 1:ayo nigga u blow down? no homo
weed head:hell yeah every fuckin day
by Yonkers Child December 4, 2007
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boy: dude, wanna go blow down?
friend: hell yeahh
by oh what up March 11, 2007
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Professor: So, you boil the water in the can and then dip the can in the cold water upside down and the can implodes.
Student: you mean it will BLOW DOWN???!?!?!!111
Professor: implodes

Dude! I saw this AWESOME slo-mo car explosion video backwards and things were LITERALLY blowing down!
by …≥0 December 4, 2010
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To break; An antonym to blow up; usually in reference to a computer application not working.
The crappy code that I wrote caused my program to blow down.
by Anonymous Developer March 21, 2007
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