German compound word for a 'face that should be slapped'
When GWB smirks on TV, my German friend Uwe tells me that he sees a 'Backpfeifengesicht'.
by A. Nonny Miss February 2, 2006
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A German compound word/term that loosely translates to "Cheek pipe face".

In common use it means something to the effect of "A face badly in need of a fist" meaning this is a person that needs to be punched. Alternate translations list the given action as "slap" rather than "punch" or the given weapon as "crowbar" rather than "fist".
Uwe Boll's offenses against the video game industry would not be as bad were he not a Backpfeifengesicht.
by Ono-sama July 5, 2009
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German compound word for a 'face that should be slapped' - and growing in English usage thanks to Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Alberta).
My God, the Backpfeifengesicht on Ted Cruz - and he really is that much of an asshole! Are people actually voting for him, or just voting against old Captain Comb-over?
by EazyBeezy February 24, 2016
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From German: Backpfeifengesicht
A face that deserves to be slapped ( - or in the case of a Hackfresse - punched as hard as humanly possible and/or hit with a chair).

See also: Sean Hannity
He's the biggest backpfeifengesicht I've ever seen.
by michellenya October 4, 2011
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Ajit Pai - a person that looks like it's begging you to slap him in the face
That Ajit guy is surely a backpfeifengesicht because i slaped my monitor unconsciously while watching him.
by Lektor December 15, 2017
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