Sen is a great comrade but is often known to drill holes in your walls at 2 am in the morning. Some think that because he is always drilling holes in walls that makes him vadim, no pichat he is not vadim he is a great comrade who will protecc and attacc <3
by taunpichat February 10, 2020
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n. A jamaican woman with a rather large set of coconuts.
a. Often deflates herself, when feeling slightly horny
"wow...i feel rather SENsual"
by i am ze namelesseth June 09, 2004
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Slang word for 'saying'. Usually used by chavs and neds or just people that think they're hard.

Can be used by anyone.
Aiden: "what u sen"

Jantsy: "you hear about the fight at school the other day?"

Aiden: "eh? Nah"
by Potent Doobie style August 26, 2015
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Scottish slang for the word saying used as a greeting when meeting a friend
Wit you Sen (what you saying) greeting or expression of happiness
by Nae bad November 06, 2018
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Gender Neutral term (abbreviated) which indicates a sentient being without requiring an identifying gender.
The 5-alarm fired claimed the lives of two firesen.

If you want Thursday off, you'll have to ask the foresen.

The graduating class totaled eighteen policesen.
by WeedRat March 08, 2018
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