a German film director so bad (namely for his video game adaptions) that he makes the other bad film directors look like Oscar contenders
Uwe Boll's video game movies are so bad that they're funny
by extreme133 June 19, 2010
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A German film director best known for movie adaptations of video games, such as House of the Dead, Alone in the Dark, and Bloodrayne.

The quality of his films has often caused him to be referred to as a latter-day Ed Wood. This is inaccurate; Wood was enthusiastic but inept, an earnest director whose vision as an artist greatly outstripped his meager abilities as a filmmaker. Boll's films are driven by cynical exploitation of German tax law that allows a movie to make money even when it fails at the box office. He is better thought of as a real-life Max Bialystock from The Producers, a movie in which a Broadway producer attempts to make money by intentionally staging a massive flop, Springtime for Hitler.

Rumors have said that the German government will be closing the tax loophole exploited by Boll. If true, this will almost certainly end Boll's career as a director, as his movies are universally reviled by critics and shunned by audiences.
I thought about going to see the latest Uwe Boll movie, but decided to stay home and spend an evening driving carpet tacks into my scrotum instead.
by BlairHippo March 24, 2006
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Movies which were directed by Uwe Boll are just unbelievable shit!!!
by Poleno September 21, 2006
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1. German film director, akin to a modern Ed Wood, who primarily films very bad video game to movie adaptions such as House of the Dead.
2. Something or someone that is extremely bad, untalented, or stupid.
"Uwe Boll is surely the worst director since Ed Wood"
"Man, that shot was Uwe Boll"
"God I'm sucking at this game today, I'm playing like Uwe Boll"
by arkanis50 January 11, 2005
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An absolute joke to the movie industry and the worst director in the history of mankind. He couldn't make a good movie if his pathetic life depended on it. This asshole makes Michael Bay look like fucking Steven Spielberg. People compare him to Ed Wood. Well, that's an insult to Ed Wood. At least Ed Wood loved movie making and was enthuastic that was shadowed by his poor filmmaking skills. All Uwe Boll cares about is his publicity and he will sink to extremely low levels to do so. One of his most famous stunts was challenging critics to boxing matches. Well, once he found out who he was facing, he backed down like the pussy against everyone who was bigger and stronger than him. Then he finally decides to beat the shit out of some wimpy critic who has absolutely no boxing training. What a fucking pansy.

In his latest attempt at controversy he sinks to an even lower level. He decides to make a 9/11 parody based on a shitty game called Postal. It's pretty pathetic if you want to exploit a terrible terrorist attack to get your name in the paper. Now liberal fucktards are creaming their pants everywhere thanks to him.

Where the fuck does he get his money to fund his films and WHY THE FUCK DO PEOPLE DECIDE TO WORK WITH HIM?!
I'd rather drink diarrhea vomited out of a buffalo's anus than watch an Uwe Boll movie.
by Uwe Boll should die April 16, 2007
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The gushing mix of blood, vomit and cum that comes when a girl gags or otherwise vomits on a penis while giving it oral sex.
"Oh, sorry, honey, are you okay? You got uweboll all over my dick. Are you still sick from accidentally drinking that santorum?"
by THE KOOL AID MAN February 2, 2005
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A German director, producer and screenwriter who is often said to be the worst director ever. That couldn't be further from true, Uwe is actually quite good, at least better than mainstream assholes like Friedberg and Seltzer. Most of the people who bash him do it because that's "cool" and have never even seen any of his movies. Or they bitch about how he ruined all those awesome games by converting them to crappy movies. But actually his movies are better than the games they come from, by watching the movies at least you can laugh at them, because they are not to be taken too seriously. After all, they are financed by Nazi gold.

Uwe is also upright, he knows that his movies are not successful and he makes jokes about them, unlike many directors who think they were chosen by God or something to make movies which actually suck ass.

And the last time I checked bashers made that stupid petition to stop him, but it didn't work. So much about them. And we knows what he does to the critics in the boxing ring.
guy1:OMFG Uwe Boll sucks ass dude!
guy2: Did you see any of his movies?
guy1:like...no. But he totally sucks lol
guy2: stfu please dumb fuck

guy1: oh no Uwe made another game to movie adaptation! They are total shit!
guy2: Did you actually play any of these games before watching the movies?
guy1: ...No. But they still like totally suck and stuff. Everybody says so.
by SmokeG July 16, 2008
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