4 definitions by michellenya

backpfeifengesicht ²

Face that deserves to be hit with a chair.
That guy's not just a backpfeifengesicht, he's a hackfresse!
by michellenya October 04, 2011
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Expression used to describe something more dangerous than a shark . Gained popularity after the realization that - unlike a ceramic bowl - a shark can't be used to kill (more specifically squish ) a bug .
When Ted refused to pay the hooker she became fierce as ceramics.
by michellenya October 04, 2011
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From German: Backpfeifengesicht
A face that deserves to be slapped ( - or in the case of a Hackfresse - punched as hard as humanly possible and/or hit with a chair).

See also: Sean Hannity
He's the biggest backpfeifengesicht I've ever seen.
by michellenya October 04, 2011
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the act of being very sweet in public, especially towards a girl/your girlfriend and then doing something shitty (like breaking up with her in a text)
A: Did you hear about Kelly and Matthew?
B: Yeah man. They seemed to be perfect for each other yesterday!
A: I didn't think he was the kind of guy to pull a Bruno Mars.
by michellenya November 12, 2011
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