A side hustle or another form of income. For instance; usually rappers who are new to the game do yet not have enough money to withold a pure income simply from music, so they have a “backend”. Typically for a rapper who is connected to the streets, this could be gambling, drugs, or etc.
Guy: “Damn, all that money is from the concert?”

Guy 2: “Naw, that backend came in last night.”
by deto610 November 18, 2018
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The other half of the money owed for someone’s time or investment. Assuming the first half was already paid.
“I had the crowd goin’ crazy bruh, where the manager, pay me that backend.”
by RealMeaning23 August 14, 2019
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I just flew to Dallas just to get a backend.
by Slicky Jones November 21, 2018
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I’ve completed my 40 hours this week, and now it’s time to get my backends.
by Jump4prezi February 23, 2018
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1. The part of a software product that the user does not interact with.
2. See booty.
1. We've isolated that problem in the backend.
2. That backend is a fantastic site.
by The Grammar Nazi October 21, 2001
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Another name for a small corner in capital heights Maryland formerly created by dmv rapper BackendJayy
by Zookeeper3000 February 21, 2021
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a backbend is when you are standing up and you bend all the way back, hands on the ground and feet on the ground too, and back is arched all the way up.
by c0ldfire February 5, 2010
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