Playing BackBreaker for the Ipod touch, ipad, or iphone.
Jack: Yo Brian, I BackBreaking all last night... It was pretty awesome!
Brian: Cool man I wish I was BackBreaking.
by Kenimiro December 15, 2010
A term, and/or description, of a woman's breasts that are so large that they literally "break" her back.
"Damn ! Look at that chick's tits...hope she's got a good chiropractor cuz those are some backbreakers."
by Rob, a.k.a. "Shaggy" October 24, 2006
Backbreaker: A hottie, or beautiful woman. In a trauma in which someone breaks their back, priapism, or a spontaneous erection, can happen due to swelling of the lower abdominal area due to the fracturing of the lower vertebrae in the back.
Damn bro! Did you see Holly last night in that mini skirt? She is such a backbreaker!!
by JohnBinSB May 25, 2007
Don't act like you've never done wrestling moves to the family pet.
The doggy back breaker is a wrestling move achieved by putting a dog in the torture rack with the intention of breaking his back. A similar wrestler move is used by Brock Lesnar. Similar to kitty back breaker though it is not recommended
My pug was eyeballing me while I was eating pizza so i put him in the doggy backbreaker to teach him some manners
by Luhkoi March 8, 2019
Is a basketball slang " catch phrase " used to describe a slam dunk that takes the heart and energy out of an opposing team. Makes an opposing team call time out and brings the crowd to their feet.
Shaq dropped a Dunkadelic Backbreaker on Portland that sent them home, and the Lakers to the 2000 NBA Finals. Dwayne Wade all but ended the game vs. Minnesota with a crushing Dunkadelic Backbreaker over " The Big Ticket " Kevin Garnett that lead to a Miami victory.
by Derrick E. Vaughan April 3, 2005
When having intercourse, the female lays face first on the ground. The male will climb up a tree, imitating a wild gorilla. The male then dives off a tree and lands on the female, inserting into her. The male then lodges onto the female, lifts her off his scrotum, and throws her 30 ft in the air. On her way down, the male will knee her in the back using his superhuman gorilla strength, which will crush her spine. This ends with the female laying on the ground cringing in pain, while the male inserts Raising Cane's sauce into the deceased uterus for lubrication, while watching Dave Ramsey's Total Money Maker.
Troy: "Damn, what happened to Gabriella?!"
Ryan: "I heard that Chad fucked her so hard her spine busted!"
Troy: "He must've done the Wild Rainforest Gorilla BackBreaker.."
by McNew Munge 69 April 5, 2016