The boner you get for no reason at all, usually happens during non-arousing times, such as english class or a funeral.
dang did you see how jim was walking? I think he was hiding a spontaneous erection.
by ricky warden June 6, 2006
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a problem usually found in young, male(obviously) teenagers when even though they may not be aroused, they may obtain an erection.
A: dude Steve had a boner in english today. it was nasty

B: dude thats not funny, Steve has Spontaneous Erection Disorder

A: don't wel all?
by kl2895 January 10, 2011
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Spontaneous Erection Syndrome, sometimes called SES, is a disease that most men suffer from. It is a disease where a man will spontaneously get an erection, while not aroused.

SES usually occurs in a situation where the sufferer could either become embarrassed, or possibly look homosexual.
Tim: Dude! how'd you get a boner? We're watching Mythbusters for christs' sake!

John: I dont know dude, must be my Spontaneous Erection Syndrome.
by Marcus129 February 24, 2010
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