Alternate word for weed, birthed in Geneva, IL. Users forget that Dwayne Wade was actually a person because it is used so frequently in place of marijuana.
Claw: I balled with Dwayne Wade so much last week.
Brooke: Clay, shut up.
by babelstiltskins May 27, 2010
The future of the NBA, along with Carmelo Anthony and LeBron James. Has the crossover of Tim Hardaway and the killer instinct of Michael Jordan.
Dwayne Wade for the win.........YES!!!!!!! IT'S ALL OVER
by C-Note 2000 May 15, 2005
a basketball player who is good and knows how to use the backboard but he travels a lot and the refs wont call him for anything
remember that time dwayne wade went up and pushed nowitzki, and they called a fall AGAINST NOWITZKI
by alex14 August 21, 2006
a basketball player who gets help from the refs
At the end of the game I left because the pistons lost and got called called for a foul on Dwayne wade
by JJ Caez July 5, 2006
Biggest pansy in the history of the league. Makes a commercial about how tough he is, and then has to leave a game because of a separated shoulder in a WHEELCHAIR and a towel over his face so nobody can see him cry.
Guy 1 - Did you see that pansy in the fight last night?

Guy 2 - Yeah, he looked like Dwayne Wade
by S.A.N April 30, 2009
Biggest pansy in NBA history. Rides on Shaq's nuts all the way to a championship. If there were no such thing as a referree, he'd be only half as good as Dennis Rodman.
Tmac: Good take to the basket man.
Dwayne Wade: Thanks!
(Pats Wade on the back)
Referree: flagrant foul!
(Tmac is ejected from the game)
by WadeH8r September 1, 2006
An extremely talented player. He's very explosive and can easily get to the basket. Doesn't get the respect he deserves because espn and other faggots are too busy riding LeBron James' nuts like starved squirrels.
by ssj marik March 14, 2005