Refers to your country of origin. Which may not be the country you were born in, but the country of your ethnicity or race. Where your parents/grandparents/ancestors were originally from.
Hurlbut: "You said that you go 'back home', now what do you mean by Back Home"?
Malcom X: "Back among our own people, back into our original civilisation"
by minarani November 20, 2012
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An expat in a good social, romantic and/or financial situation that the speaker believes he would not be have been able to achieve back home. Pejorative; implies that the subject became an expat because he "couldn't hack it" among his countrymen.
Often abbreviated to "LBH", but that page has a kajillion definitions saying it stands for "let's be honest".
Related terms: Sexpat, laowai.
Tim's been making good money working in China, and he has a beautiful girlfriend, but his fellow Americans can tell he's a loser back home.
by sapodilla August 9, 2021
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The condition when one goes home to visit family, and since they visit home rarely, are treated very well by parents when they return.
I'm a back home baller. I do what I want and I get what I want cause my parents miss their daughter.
by Browncoat83 December 17, 2014
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to make it happen; to take care of business; to accomplish something of significance
"With swollen pockets we gon' take it back home.." - M.A.R.S, featured on the "Clones" by the Roots
by Gee` August 17, 2005
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a term used for when you reminiscing about your ex or you miss them
bru trinity needa come back home
by Aleigha June 22, 2023
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A euphemism for sexual intercourse, presumably derived from the fact that Gatsby lived in a place called "West Egg." The resulting euphemism implies that the sex is intended to result in pregnancy.
Matt- "Dude, when I go abroad next year I'm gonna be 'sending Gatsby back home' all night, every night!"
Dave- "Matt, the last thing we need is a whole shit ton of pregnant furries."
by danx6 March 6, 2008
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Really means bring her back no later than 10:30.
Overprotective Father: Let me remind you that it's MY daughter you're dating. You'd better have her back home by 11:00, or so help me, you WILL marry her!

Boyfriend: 10:30. Got it.
by spinaltapsoundguy November 5, 2009
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