2 definitions by danx6

1. A word that can act as a trigger for certain people, resulting in bizarre fits of rage and angry anal humpage if said in their company.
2. A car that resembles a tasty dessert.
1. Ben- "Whatever you do don't say 'sabbanban' around Matt-AGH SHIT WHERE THE HELL DID HE COME FROM? STOP HIM FROM HUMPING ME!!!!!!!!"

2. Man, why do girls always buy Sabbanbans? They should buy cars that are more practical.
by danx6 October 15, 2007
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A euphemism for sexual intercourse, presumably derived from the fact that Gatsby lived in a place called "West Egg." The resulting euphemism implies that the sex is intended to result in pregnancy.
Matt- "Dude, when I go abroad next year I'm gonna be 'sending Gatsby back home' all night, every night!"
Dave- "Matt, the last thing we need is a whole shit ton of pregnant furries."
by danx6 March 6, 2008
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