Adjective; meaning excessively extravagant, cool, stylish. Giving off swagger. Based off the F. Scott Fitzgerald novel The Great Gatsby.
I'm feeling a little Gatsby today.

He's looking rather Gatsby tonight.
by P. Knile Plasty April 29, 2013
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1) A way of showing your wealth by throwing extravagant parties in the hopes that your old bae will walk in
2) A way of making it rain by throwing clothing on a girl instead of money
1) "Did you go to that party? The host threw a real Gatsby"
2) Rose was filled with joy and starting crying as she got gatsbied
by abcdefgjdhyfohww March 8, 2014
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A haircare range.
Known for it's "Moving Rubber" hair styling wax range
Gatsby: Moving Rubber || Spikey Edge
by Denan27 August 31, 2008
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Someone who doesn't attend his own party or event
"Have you seen Morris? This is supposed to be his party but I don't see him anywhere."
by zevg September 1, 2022
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Really cool; hype; swanky; different; new in a cool, well liked way
That art just brings out the "gatsby" of the surrounding area.
by Voch March 25, 2015
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A fakeass who pretends to have everything like money, cars, and bling. But in reality all that he puts himself out to be isn't even real one bit. He lives with his parents, has no ride, no job, and no future. All he does is spew bullshit out of his mouth. Only thing real about him is that he is a REAL FUCKING LOSER.
Damn that Kory guy was nothing but a fucking Gatsby....he ain't got shit.
by Funfaced October 5, 2014
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To be a Great Mystery. Also known as Simonetti. To lie about having wealth.
"'Did you hear about how Gatsby wrecked his BMW that he just got?' 'Go figure that he mysteriously wrecked it after only a week.'"
by Cuban to the B May 11, 2005
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