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Press "Alt-F4" in World of Warcraft to make your mage cast a vanishing spell.
Alt F4 is a vanishing spell! It really works! Try it; it really makes things disappear. I shit you not.
by spinaltapsoundguy May 2, 2010
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Screwed before they even try to start conversation with someone else from another country because of all of the hatred; not even provided a chance to debunk the stereotypes.
American visitor: "Excuse me, sir?"

British native: "Shut up, you fat, stupid American!! Nobody cares; World War II ended over sixty years ago!!!"

American visitor: "I was going to ask you the time... T_T"
by spinaltapsoundguy October 9, 2009
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Despite conventional intuition, rednecks are incredibly inventive when it comes to engineering.
I've seen a redneck-built jacuzzi constructed from a metal tub, a scaffolding frame, and a fire pit. It may not look very glamorous, but hell, it works, doesn't it?
by spinaltapsoundguy February 11, 2010
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X: I love AD/DC!!

Y: Bullshit, you can't even get their name right!
by spinaltapsoundguy October 22, 2009
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Sent on a dirt nap; outfitted with cement shoes; deep-sixed. Pwned in a very gangster-esque manner.
Johnny the Rat thought he could get away from the mob, but Vito caught up to him, and Johnny got Al Capwned!
by spinaltapsoundguy December 30, 2010
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The day after Thanksgiving, on which thousands of people flock to the stores like lemmings, risking getting trampled just to save a few dollars even though they have a whole month to do their Christmas shopping.

Also of note: retailers sometimes understock the shelves to create an illusion of scarcity. That "last item in the store" that you just bought was probably one of many "last items" sitting in the store room.
Black Friday makes complete nuts out the sanest people; mothers will kill each other just to get a doll for little Suzie.
by spinaltapsoundguy November 27, 2009
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The opposite of water off a duck's back. An insult that you allow to cling to you and burn you like hell.
Don't dwell on insults. Research has found that acid off a duck's back yields very unfavorable results for the duck in question.
by spinaltapsoundguy January 7, 2010
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