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Ass on a small girl
She sure was a babybutt
by Ivan Pope January 05, 2004
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A Perfect Set Of Titties Sitting Lovely In A Bra (Cleavage) ! It Looks As If They Have A Baby Upside Down Under Their Shirt, Bra, etc. Soft As A Babies Ass I Might Add!!!! D.M.T.
D.M.T., Baby Butts, Lovely Rack, Breast, Cleavage, Boobs, Ty Tys
by Epills215 October 25, 2009
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When your ass is so smooth, it's like a baby's butt.
Miss X: Damn your ass is smooth, it's a total baby butt!
Mr. Y: I just shaved it last night.
by kgb54 October 05, 2013
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