Lancashire (where we talk proper): Baby's head. Noun, Steak (and sometimes kidney) pudding, especially when ordering from a chippy, and so called because of it's close resemblance to a baby's head. Most commonly ordered with Peas and gravy.

Correct pronunciation: "Babbiz yed"
Ey up lass I'll have Babbiz Yed (baby's head), peas & gravy twice, please.
by Leyther lad August 14, 2017
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From mountain biking: A roundish rock, about the size and shape of a baby's head. Avoid running over it, or risk crashing.
Dude, did you see all those baby heads back there?
by Brother Jethro August 30, 2004
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just a way to call someone stupid just with a hidden meaning
by salemkiller March 4, 2008
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a turd emerging into outside air
i made it to the bowl just as the babys head came out

i blew one and felt the babys head
by michael foolsley December 10, 2009
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Northern English slang for meat pie, particularly in Wigan.
"Fanceh some baby's head and peas, luv?"
by TC Raymond July 21, 2005
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To celebrate the birth of a baby with a drink of alcohol or more usually an excuse for a drinking spree.
Congratulations Bill! How about we go out tonight to wet the baby's head?
by VAKI5 May 7, 2005
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