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A term used to describe a small amount of money. May also be used to describe something that is less than acceptable.
"How much was dinner?"
"8 bucks."
"Man, that's baby money."

"Hey man, are you into Justin Timberlake?"
"No way, that shit is baby money."
by OKSoda December 04, 2007
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The money you get from the state or baby daddy for your kids. This tends to increase with the number of kids you give birth to.
"I'm waitin' on my babymoney to come in to get the flat screen"
by supernass April 24, 2008
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A lot of money in absolute terms but a small amount of money in the given context.
From the song HAM by Jay Z and Kanye West: "I'm like "Really: half a billi nigga, really?" you got baby money"
by Bling Blang Blaouw July 20, 2017
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