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A strong emotional urge to have a child. Commonly thought to be just for women, however; men get it as well.
They have baby fever because they always tell everyone how bad they want to have a baby.
by Z.G. September 04, 2015
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When a girl starts feeling a strong desire to have a baby, possibly to the point of obsession.
"Ever since spending so much time with her new baby niece, Athena has baby fever."
by CeresBrielle November 05, 2008
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The yearning one gets after holding, seeing, or being around a baby. Typically happens in childless women of a young age.
Maria: Awww, Jordan's so cute can I hold him?

Maria's husband: Looks like my wife has baby fever.
by Serylie August 12, 2008
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When your girlfriend starts poking holes your condoms cuz she's trying to get pregnant ASAP
I had to stop screwing around with Beth, she has baby fever and it's too risky.
by Gt48 January 14, 2015
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When an over 30 year old couple see babies, they seem to want to have one
*A baby in a stroller is pushed past a couple*

Couple: AWWWW

Man: Lets have a baby!

Woman: YEAH, I love babies, I want one!

Friend: It looks as though you two have a case of the Baby Fever
by Barnabus E. Stinson December 10, 2009
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