Anything that is good, awesome, or excellent. A day where nothing can go wrong is a babins day. Babins can be used anytime, anyplace, and in front of any audience.
Tim- "Bro, Chipotle is giving away free burritos today!"
Jared- "Are you kidding me man?! That is Babins!"
by dutchmen96 June 22, 2010
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A made up word substituted for words such as "cool" or "great."
Jared: That's so babins.
Curt: That's so not a word.
by snebbir October 12, 2011
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A baby, a term of endearment, also used on cute boys = ie: puppies, kittens, anything young or cute
OMG! Look at the babin over there!

Awww what an adorable babin!

Sam and Smoket are such cute babins.
by EmmaAmberEmberkcool September 15, 2008
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To describe a chick that is a always a real babe. Someone that is rediculously hot, is babin'
Hollie is babin'
by coggab September 01, 2011
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Synonymous with being a bitch. Used as a term that has many uses, mostly noting the person's ability to screw up plans and not care.
"Wow, way to babin things up!"
"Aw ya sucha babin . . ya bitch"
"Aw babin get out of here before God sees you!"
by wadfukmichaelbabin March 28, 2009
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