Slang - baby.

Particularly a delicious one.
Jeff - MMM, that babeh sure was tasty.
John - Yes indeedy! JKLDGSA.
by GeppyWilliamson September 29, 2010
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"Babeh" word means Father in indonesian language, its the traditional Betawi word in Jakarta, Indonesia
Substitute for the word "Bapak" and "Ayah"

pronounciation (baa-behh)
Babeh, Lagi Ngapain?

Translate : Dad, What are you doing?
by hanhere May 05, 2021
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Stems from baby, there are many abreviations; baybee babie baibie babee etc. all refering to a good looking girl. Females use this phrase when talking to each other or describing themselves. It is a form of flattery, though not used by males as it is to girly.
Bffl babeh girl love you
by Debbie Batchelor November 11, 2007
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(Bay-beh Dad-ay) (n.): a generic term that usually refers to the male figure of a relationship. Even if the said-individual is not procreating with thier spouse.
by drdvader February 12, 2013
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The Male Version of Babeh, A Loving Affectionate Term from two people dating or going to be dating, usually women or gay guys use the term alot (Usually).
Ex 1. "I Love you Babeh Boi"

Ex 2."Thats my Babeh Boi over there..."

Ex 3. "Awwwwwwwwwww Babeh Boi, ya shouldnt have..."
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The adopted daughter of her muhmmy. Meh Babeh is loved way beyond her knowledge.

A truly amazing daughter.

See also Kitten
I love Meh Babeh to tiny litle pieces!
by Mah Muhmmy September 14, 2004
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It is a dance move that involves one hand in the air, as you bend ur knees and sway ur hips back and forth, while in unison waving ur hand in the air in small circular motions.
"well hell I don't know how to dance to a song like this- its time to bust out The Babeh Girl!"
by greenjello911 August 18, 2008
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