n. 1.an imperialistic tale about a young elephant who was taken away by a European woman who was into bestiality, only to return as a gentrified stud. He commits incest by marrying his cousin Celeste, and turs his once-rustic African village into the despotic city of Celesteville.
2. a diamond-in-the-rough young man who is groomed by an older sugar mommy to be her toy boy.
v. 1. to assume superiority on the basis of upbringing.
2. to commit a social taboo (such as incest)under the guise of introducing cultural enlightenment.
Benjamin: (showing off his new duds)"Look at me, I'm a prince!"
Mrs. Robinson: "C'mere, my Babar!"
Benjamin: What did call me?"
Mrs. Robinson: "Nothing..."
by Nickarossi May 28, 2007
Fictional cartoon figure played out by a young boy elefant.
by Babbar October 4, 2003
To cause harm on a person, place, or thing in a way that is inconvenient and purposeful. Similar to Sabotage, but usually in a less serious manner.
"When that guy stole my parking spot he was being a real babar!" "Ah! I've been babarred by Tom again!"
by gegolaslreenleaf December 11, 2016
A clean elephant not infected by rightwing bullsh*t
The college young Republicans are usually still wet-behind the ears babars.
by grandmalseizure May 1, 2005
to spread a loved ones ass checks tell them to hold there breath and then knee them as hard in the ass hole as possible the sound will resemble that of an elephant i.e. Babar the elephant
i gave that puta the gnarliest babar last night.
by Paco March 31, 2005
Refers to big pussy lips. This expression is based on the fact that big vagina lips resemble the ears of an elephant.
This girl's got babars. It's disgusting. She should go see a surgeon or take some pliers and cut them off.

This expression is mainly used here in the region of Culbec, but I heard it's also used in India, where the Babar character is supposed to be from. The word was probably imported at some point in time.
by Dino Macfly November 27, 2006