An overplayed SOAD song that honestly isn't that great. But hearing something 400 times will make you like it. Thanks a bunch MTV. *finger*

"Yeah. It's okay. I really like "Sad Statue", and some of the older ones like "Know"."

"Wtf i never herd of dem dey wernt on MTV I dun like tehm."
by Cody K August 07, 2005
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Bring your own bud brew and/or bitches
We can marinate, get nice n stack riches
but it's BYOB, bring your own bud, brew n bitches
ain't no set trippin actin ill n don't steal,
for real, "you gots to chill"
by Benard Goetz August 02, 2011
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BYOB changes with age. As a child it simply stands for bring your own bed, used mainly during a sleepover to say, "bring a sleepingbag" as you get older, it means bring your own beer,as beer will not be served.
Johnny(age 5) BYOB, friends, it'll be a great sleepover!

Johnny(age 15) its a party, BYOB...
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Bring Yer Own Buzz
Battle Yer Own Beef
Bounce Yer Own Boobies
Bend Yer Own Barricades
Blaze Yer Own Barby
Beat Yer Own Boredom
Banish Yer Own Beasts
Bury Yer Own Bigotry
Be Yer Own Boss
Believe Yer Own Bullshit
Blend Yer Own Beverage
Blur Yer Own Boundaries
Bust Yer Own Balls
Butter Yer Own Bread
Burst Yer Own Bubble
Burn Yer Own Braincells
Build Yer Own Bridges
Birth Yer Own Beliefs
Bless Yer Own Brethren
Become Yer Own Buddah
Blackhole birthing at Spacetime tonight, BYOB.
by JoseGabriel March 03, 2017
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Bring Your Own Bomb

From the song "B.Y.O.B"
"If you want a good fucking party, B.Y.O.B and stick it up your governments ass!!"
by -Nicko- January 22, 2009
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