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When people are being really stupid and irritating and disrespectful, and things are really corrupt you use this abbreviation which stands for "Bitches These Days"
Person 1: Emma hooked up with Kaylee's boyfriend Alex???!!!
Person 2: What the eff is up with that?! BTD!!!!!
by Alkaymma Bamurlein January 12, 2011
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BTDS is an acronym that stands for Bigger Than Dick Shit. When you take a huge ass shit, look into the toilet and wonder "I think that's bigger than my dick" you've taken a BTDS.
Joe: Yo Tommy, check the toilet, I just left a BTDS
Tommy: Your BTDS's are like 4 inches
by -Asher October 18, 2010
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used to express the feeling of being "Bored To Death",
it is used when you have nothing to do that is interesting.
Used when talking on messenger "john: whacha doing? mike: not much, btd"
by ElenaXAB November 18, 2008
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Big Thick Dick (Leon Duffy)
‘Wow he for sure had a BTD!’
Definition: An over average penis with a lot of girth
by Iknowthecraic April 19, 2018
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Stands for Big Tall Douche. Someone who is large in stature and acts like a douche just because he is tall.
Did you guys see Chris wearing his moms pants today? What a BTD!
by EHHHHHHHHHHHH July 06, 2011
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"Hey Jo what's that you're eating in the dark?" "B.T.D!!!"

used as an expression of excitement or disgust or just any inappropriate time when you want to release some tension...
by Jojobean77 November 04, 2009
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BTD, Buy The Dip (stocks). In a bull market people buy stocks when ever they dip believing they will be more expensive after a while.
Investors keep on BTD until the market finally crashes.
by euroelho October 08, 2018
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